Please call to discuss setting up an initial appointment. At the time of initial phone consultation I can verify your insurance

information and answer any questions you might have.


I will need your email and date of birth to send you a request to join my patient portal.


All registration forms are located in patient portal (TherapyPortal) and need to be completed prior to the first session.

To get to my portal directly, please click the here:

Please bookmark the portal and remember you password for the future.


You will need to show me your insurance card and ID (such as a driver’s license) at the first session.


Payment/copay/deductible is due prior to the start of each session.



The online/video sessions will be also be done through Therapy Portal. This can be done on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Please have a private space where you can be for the session. 

Lighthouse Wide

Kristin Tatrow Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist